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A Letter From the Founders: Bring It On, 2022!


And just like that, it was 2022.

As we reflect on what we’ve achieved in the past year, we think of the idea of perfection and how difficult of a standard it is to maintain. If there is one thing we can say to sum up 2021, it’s that we have tried our best.

When we launched The Spill on 1 January 2021, we knew there was a lot to do, and there still is, but we are proud beyond words of the meaningful connections we have made with our readers, contributors and sponsors. We have received more encouraging feedback than we ever expected, and for this, we can’t thank you enough. We have read every single email, DM, tweet, and it has given us one ambition for the next twelve months: to do even better.

Although we had our heroes in the field of media for marginalised communities, the way wasn’t fully paved yet, with many hurdles to jump - but we jumped them. It was a year of lockdowns, impending doom, financial trouble, debilitating stress, but also a year of hope, resilience, strength, and change. And we made it. We tested out the waters, juggled with demanding schedules, and found our community in the making.

We launched The Spill to make a difference, and based on your lovely messages, we have brightened some lives and this makes us immensely grateful.

In the past year, we have published stories from amazing contributors from what we call ‘the global majority’, sharing stories around the topics that matter to marginalised folks, such as mental health, relationships, discrimination and disability, along with uplifting stories touching on personal growth, adoption, charities, music and more.

We have had the honour to interview some of our favourite people in arts, culture, environment and politics, and we want to give you more of this in 2022. We will publish more stories, in easy read and audio read for our readers with reading disabilities, blindness, and visual impairments, from all around the world, with even more varied perspectives.

Our writers and readers are our catalysts for change and our inspiration everyday.

We are still open for donations for anyone who wants to support The Spill. All of them are going directly to our contributors and help support the running of the publication. We are also always looking for new sponsors.

Our mission continues, and no matter what, we will continue sharing fresh content from our writers from marginalised backgrounds, with exciting news coming soon. Bring it on, 2022. We are ready!

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