About The Spill

Inspired by real change, The Spill is an online publication on a mission to take up space. 

The Spill, is a UK-based online publication, launched in January 2021, by two women who believe in true diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation. The project was born out of years of built-up frustration regarding the lack of representation and genuine championship of non-dominant groups of people in the mainstream media. 

Committed to amplifying the voices of people who have been pushed aside for too long, we want to bring interesting content that matters to us and our readers: stories about life experiences, culture, arts, politics, the environment, and explorations of the self. 

Real stories written by, and relevant to, Black people, people of colour, indigenous people, people with disabilities, people who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ umbrella and beyond, non-binary people, Muslim people, and others attacked for their religious beliefs, and everyone at the intersection, people who have been subject to stigma and been boxed up for too long.

Our ultimate goal is to create a safe space for writers, readers, interviewees, and guests, as well as their allies and loved ones, through impactful, genuine, and unapologetic content curated on a platform that understands them.

We accept donations! Help support an independent media business, and if you have any questions contact us.