A Letter From the Founders: Let 2023 Be a Nourishing One

A personal note from our founders on the year just passed and what's yet to come

A Letter From the Founders: Let 2023 Be a Nourishing One
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"Two years of opening our platform to heartfelt and meaningful stories. Two years of meeting and collaborating with you, our beautiful, growing family."

It’s been 2 years. We still can’t believe it. Two whole years of The Spill!

Two years of opening our platform to heartfelt and meaningful stories. Two years of meeting and collaborating with you, our beautiful, growing family. Thank you so much for being here with us.

We spent the end of 2022 reflecting - or shall we say overthinking - on what we’ve done, seen, said, and experienced, and how we can do better in the new year. But we’ve also been hibernating, resting, reading, and emotionally reconnecting with ourselves.

As we start this new chapter, we wanted to share a few personal words on our journey and how we’re starting 2023.

Chourouk Gorrab, co-founder, and Head of Communications and Partnerships at The Spill, shares: “2022 has been a whirlwind of emotions. I ended 2021 leaving my full-time job of over 8 years, backpacked solo across Mexico from January through March 2022, put myself back in the job market, and, consequently spent countless hours sending resumes, preparing for interviews, and re-evaluating my priorities. I also spent quality time with my family between the UK, France, and Spain, attended a few music festivals in and outside the UK, met wonderful people through my travels and networking events, doubted myself a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot, and just ended up learning so much more about myself that year than I did in over 10 years hustling. While it hasn’t been an easy year, it’s been an enlightening one on so many levels. I’m approaching 2023 with a more laid-back attitude, focusing on all the good things I can bring to myself and share with people around me, removing myself from any judgement and expectations people may have about how I should live my life. I want this to be a year of nourishment and good vibes.”

Jennifer Hakim, co-founder, and Editor-in-Chief at The Spill says: “Every year, I write a few manifestation pages around this time and take some time re-reading what I wrote the previous year. This is a very personal ritual that helps me keep myself in check, and reflect on the ups and downs of life. Overall, I did what I set out myself to do last year, even though the start of it was utter chaos with a dream job that fell through. That disappointment ended up being a blessing in disguise, and I’ve had the peaceful year I so crucially needed. I wanted to focus on living a lovely little life, on embracing the highs as much as the lows, and to keep moving forward and not pressure myself too much - and I’m proud to say I did. The lockdown years completely changed my outlook on life, ambition, happiness, and success, as well as my aspirations;, so I have been as kind to myself as possible, and given myself time to envision a new reality. I have done my best, given myself space to rest, dived into new projects and hobbies, and made new friends and colleagues on the way. I’m bringing this energy into 2023, and am going to challenge myself a little more, but with softness. It’s all about peace and love here!”

2022 brought us some great stories, with some of them hitting home a little bit more for some of you. You've just seen it above, our top article of the year was 'Goodbye Hustle Culture, Hello Anti-Ambition: Why This Cultural Shift Is Here To Stay', an essay on leaning away from ambitious dreams and impossibly high targets to embrace the natural flow of life post-pandemic. Stories on friendships, work, self-exploration, mental health, identity, and current events were your favourites this year. Scroll down to More Culture for two other top reads!

In 2023, we will carry on our work in bringing you the best our contributors and partners have to offer - all the while fighting through the cost of living crisis and managing our moments of doubt. It’s not an easy path to take but worth it, and we’re not giving up! We have new content and collaborations across our website and newsletter (don’t forget to sign up), with exciting things in the pipeline… If you’re keen to work with us, you know how to contact us (wink wink).

And while we continue to deliver the best work we can, conciliating our personal and professional lives, and aiming for high-quality content that speaks from the heart, we are grateful for the support of our audience and partners. If you wish to support The Spill, please know that no amount is too small, and will help us pay our contributors for their work. You can make a donation online.

As we embark on a new year with its lot of uncertainty, remind yourself that new year resolutions aren’t meant to overwhelm you, but guide you. And for what it’s worth, not having New Year’s resolutions is in itself its resolution, and an act of resistance, or acceptance of what life has to offer. Trust that you can and will be a better version of yourself by being authentic. Also, and we can’t stress that enough, let it be a healthy one for you and your loved ones.

We leave you with these words of wisdom from Alex Elle, New York Times bestselling author and restorative writing teacher, who always manages to find the right words to soothe our souls at The Spill: “I’m creating more room for ease, joy, and excitement in my life by doing things just for me that I like. No more making excuses about why I can’t, won’t, or don’t have time. I am intentionally making space for self-nourishment and creativity this year.”

Have a beautiful and happy new year!