Audio Stories by The Spill: A Roundup

It's never been easier to bring our content to life. Our audio stories are primarily catered for our audience with visual impairments, blindness, and reading disabilities.

Audio Stories by The Spill: A Roundup

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Audio Stories by The Spill is primarily catered to our audience with visual impairments, blindness, and reading disabilities, ensuring their access to our content.

Our Spotify Wrapped was full of surprises this year, and the article you listened to the most in 2023 was... What Christopher McCandless Taught Me About Mental Health, by Mahevash Shaikh - which was streamed 300% more than our average episode! We love that 20% of our new listeners started right there.

Other top-ranking audio reads included:

  • Goodbye Hustle Culture, Hello Anti-Ambition: Why This Cultural Shift Is Here To Stay. Listen here.
  • Heartbeats: Sleep Deez on Blurring the Lines in Music, Finding Success and Inspiration in Lockdown, and Shaking Up the Industry. Listen here.
  • Aja Barber on Colonialism, Climate Change and Consumerism - and How We Can Break Away from Fast Fashion. Listen here.
  • Dear Trade Unions: Could We Include Menstrual Leave in the Fight for Workers' Rights, or Is It Too Much to Ask? Listen here.
  • What Would Beyoncé Do? How Bey Inspired Me To Wear Blonde Hair Extensions - And Trust My Own Gut. Listen here.
  • In Defence Of Letting Some Friendships Go and Putting Yourself First. Listen here.
  • The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial Is Stigmatising People with Personality Disorders, and It’s the Last Thing We Need. Listen here.
  • On Finding the Essence of Self-Reflection: How I Stopped Being Mean to My Inner Child. Listen here.
  • Stranger Things Has Widened the Conversation about Music’s Healing Powers for Trauma - With a Little Help from New Gen Z Icon Kate Bush. Listen here.
  • Why Celebrities And Crying Selfies on Instagram Will Not Save Our Mental Health Crisis. Listen here.

Thank you to our amazing global community of listeners, who check out our content regularly from 12 different countries! Hello to our US, German, Indian, and Canadian friends to name a few.

For anyone new here, you can access over 150 audio articles on Spotify for Podcasters. We will keep posting our new articles for better accessibility.

Before you go, here's a little bit more about us: The Spill is a UK-based online publication working exclusively with contributors from marginalised communities. Committed to amplifying the stories of people who have been pushed aside for too long, we want to bring interesting content that matters to us and them: stories about life experiences, culture, arts, politics, the environment, and explorations of the self.