Stop Disinformation: Accounts to Follow to Stay Up to Date on Palestine

Staying Up to Date on the situation in Palestine/Gaza doesn't have to be complicated. We selected some trusted organisations and individuals to follow.

Stop Disinformation: Accounts to Follow to Stay Up to Date on Palestine

Activism, raising awareness and taking care of our mental health remain high on top of our agenda in light of the events unfolding in Palestine. And the first step in doing so is knowing where to find information. We've compiled trusted social media accounts and resources for you to stay updated on the situation on the ground.


  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign (@palestinesolidarityuk): Movement working for freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians
  • Let's Talk Palestine (@letstalkpalestine): A mini-wikipedia on Palestine
  • Eye on Palestine (@eye.on.palestine): news and media website sharing the stories of Palestinians
  • Visualizing Palestine (@visualizing_palestine): visual stories for social justice
  • Jewish Voice for Peace (@jewishvoiceforpeace): Jews organising toward Palestinian liberation and Judaism beyond Zionism
  • Big Ride For Palestine (@bigride4palestine): Cycling to support Palestine. Fundraising for Gaza Sunbirds and Mecca for Peace
  • Gaza Sunbirds (@gazasunbirds): Paracycling team in the Gaza strip. Using resources to support their community while Palestinian stories to the world
  • IfNotNow (@ifnotnoworg): American Jews organising their community to end US support for Israel's apartheid system and demanding equality, justice, and a thriving future for all
  • Slow Factory (@theslowfactory): platform focusing on climate change education, systemic change and fighting for collective liberation
  • Key48 (@key48return): voluntarily run & fact checked by an ordinary Palestinian
  • Culture Workers Against Genocide (@cultureworkersuk): a gathering of workers in the art sector fighting for an end to genocide.

 Influencers, writers, activists, artists

  • Sbeih (@sbeih.jpg): Social media strategist at The Palestine Academy, and influencer, of Palestinian/Filipino origins
  • Khaled Beydoun (@khaledbeydoun): Law Professor and Author
  • Shaun King (@shaunking): American writer and activist
  • Saint Levant (@saintlevant): Palestinian/French/Algerian/Serbian artist
  • Ijeoma Oluo (@ijeomaoluo): Author of ‘So You Want To Talk About Race’

Media, Journalists

  • Motaz Azaiza (@motaz_azaiza): Photographer, currently in Gaza, Palestine
  • Mohammed Al Masri (@mohamed.h.masri): Photojournalist Gaza, Palestine
  • Ahmed Shihab Eldin (@ahmedeldin): Kuwaiti-American Journalist and Palestinian descent
  • IMEU (@theimeu): Non-profit organisation giving access to untold stories, facts, and expert sources on all things Palestine
  • Linda Sarsour (@lsarsour): American Palestinian and political activist
  • Middle East Eye (@middleeasteye): Independent coverage from the Middle East and North Africa
  • Aliya Hasan (@aliya.hasan_): human rights activist
  • Wael Al Dahdouh (@wael_eldahdouh): Palestinian journalist, and the bureau chief of Al Jazeera in Gaza City
  • Yara (@eid_yara): Palestinian war journalist/ Human Rights Advocate

Remaining aware of the situation in Palestine is key to understanding the situation and why the 'Israeli-Palestinian conflict' is not such a difficult topic. If you happen to participate actively in Palestinian justice, please do reach out to us to help amplify their voices. Please note that these accounts might have very sensitive images and videos. Please be cautious when going through them as some of them might be triggering.